"Elevating brands that care."

Fulcrum Creatives

B-Corp Fulcrum Creatives only works with companies who care. Seriously—only companies who serve about people, planet or prosperity can access the expansive creative minds of Fulcrum’s team. When we meet, it’s like reuniting with friends. We’ve worked together on all types of projects from web copy, to client projects, to their internal, award-winning We Don’t Want To Work With You campaign. They teach us so much about how to do what you love while serving the world.

Our Collaboration:

+ Copywriting
+ Brand Development
+ Positioning Statements
+ Case Studies

For Fulcrum Creatives, WordUp wrote:

Home Page Copy

We have mad creative skill.
Leverage our power for good.

Contact Page Copy

Let’s talk about how we can make your powers grow.

Team Copy

The creative force for good.

We’ve been able to collaborate on some exciting projects. With an ever-positive attitude and notebook in hand, Rae is always ready for another creative session.

Lydia Stutzman, Art Director, Fulcrum Creatives

"We don't want to work with you if you don't care" book on table

We also work together on various projects for Fulcrum’s clients, like women-owned Pearl Interactive, for example.

Pearl needed a brand refresh and an updated website. To contribute to this project, we developed brand concepts, cut a lot of Pearl’s existing content, and wrote web copy.

Pearl interactive sample

Other collaborations:

Kaleidoscope Interactive
Ohio Arts Council
Ohio Library Council
Ohio Arts Council Brand Guidelines